Tips for designing your Food & Drink Business Logo

Food and drink business requires business owners to market their food products and services aggressively. But one of the potent marketing tool they have in their arsenal is an amazing logo to represent them in niche markets.

While your food and drink business logo is a visual capable of attracting customers, the logo design should be such that it adds value to your brand building exercise.

So, here are some tips to creating memorable food and drink business logos that stand out in concepts and use of design elements.

Define Your Business and Audience – Before starting work on your food logo design, as a designer you must have a good knowledge of your client’s business and what it stands for in market. Such information should include details about target customers. Also, business owners must help designers by providing detailed customer profile and business target they wish to achieve. Moreover, it is very important for designers to know personality of your brand. For example, tell if your brand is a B2B company or a B2C company.

Decide on Your Logo Style – There are three types of logos – text logo, symbol logo and combination logo. Text logo comprises of company name and is ideal for small companies that wish to use logo to advertise company name. Symbol logo usually has a graphic icon, which portrays the company image and associates an icon with the company brand. Combination logo has elements of both the text logo and symbol logo, which is ideal to branding a company along with its name in the logo.

Use Perfect Colors – Colors can speak volumes about your food and drink business. In fact, designers now use colors as a tactic for evoking intended emotions from viewers. Remember that viewers will react to your food and drink logo design depending on the intensity of emotion your logo is capable of evoking. For example, red color in your food logo will evoke feelings of love, passion and energy, while yellow gives rise to emotions of happiness. This means that your use of colors becomes a way to send out your business message to customers.

Explore Fonts – Many high quality fonts are easily accessible free today on the web, which is your opportunity to experiment with different typefaces. Find out some new fonts that can give a new look and personality to your food logo so that it stands out. In fact, a clever use of fonts can highlight personality of your brand through your logo. For example, classic fonts used in Coca-Cola logo gives a brand personality to the logo and the company.

Make it memorable – Whichever color, fonts and other design element you chose for food logos, make it certain that the logo is a memorable design. Take for example the logo of fast food global giant McDonald’s logo. This logo is memorable due to its yellow arch design. Similarly, Coca-Cola drink logo is memorable for its unique use of classic lettering style. So, find out ways to make your food logo a unique symbol for your food business.

Hope that these vital tips will help you in designing amazing food logos that communicate well with your target audience.