Tips on Starting a Jewelry Business

It is easier to start a jewelry business than you may think. One thing that you really should look into is getting wholesale silvery jewelry, as you will save a lot of money down the road. Before you purchase any of yourwholesale silver jewelry, check it out to make sure you are really getting want you want.

To Make Your Own Pieces or Not

The first thing that you need to think about is if you want to make your pieces from scratch or not. Any good jewelry design book will include lists of suppliers, such as Gem in Silver. You can choose the type of jewelry design you want.

Ability to Market

Once you have the plan set out about making or buying your wholesale silver jewelry, you now to need to decide on how you are going to market your business.

  1. Business Name: You want to create a business name and you want to take your time when doing this. The name of your business is going to be a huge selling point. Before you decide upon the final name, you need to make sure the name is not already taken by someone else. You should also check the domain name that you choose because when people look you up on the Internet it is going to be a showcase of all of your jewelry.
  2. Web Design and Creation:If you are not familiar with web design and creation, you can either learn the skills yourself or hire someone to train you or do it for you. You should definitely put a digital image of all of your jewelry on the web site you create.
  3. Marketing Materials:You must create marketing materials, such as business cards, brochures and more.  You can use these to hand out to friends, family, local businesses, at trade shows and craft fairs. Always make sure your web site and e-mail address is included on all of the literature.

Money Needed

The start-up costs to start a jewelry business can be as lowas $500. Depending upon the number of pieces you sell, you can make some very good money selling jewelry. One of the big things is going to be how you market your jewelry.

How to Sell Jewelry

There are several things you can do to kick off your jewelry sales, such as:

  • Home parties
  • Arts and crafts fairs
  • Selling to merchants

Business Licenses

You must check with your local municipality on any needed licenses and permits that you need to get. You also need to make sure you are zoned to operate a business from your home. Finally, you need to register your business with your Secretary of State, as well as preparing any needed tax forms.


As long as you follow the steps above, you should be on your way in starting the jewelry business that you have always dreamed of. Once you have your jewelry business up, always work in creating more and better pieces of jewelry because you customers will always be looking for more.